Succulents are not only easy to care for, but also easy to propagate by taking cuttings yourself! Cuttings ready? Take your cuttings!

Propagating succulents: what you need
– A succulent
– A clean and sharp knife/scissors
– Small cutting pot
– Soil for cutting
– A pot of patience

Take care! It is important to let the cuttings, leaves and stems dry before planting them in the ground. Due to the tearing of the leaves, your cutting needs some time to recover. Let it lie on kitchen paper for a week before you let it ground again. Give these friends also a good portion of indirect sunlight and leave them there for three to seven days.

Propagating succulents with loose leaves
Many species of succulents can be cutted using just one leaf baby. For a leaf cutting, carefully twist off a leaf from your amigo. Roots and eventually whole new plants can grow from each leaf of your mommy/daddy to be! Just a check before we continue: did you give your cuttings three to seven days rest on that kitchen paper? Job well done! Now for the easy part: just put the leaf babies on the loose cutting soil. Water them every three days, of course!

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