Perhaps you have come across them in the rare plant world, the caudex plants. Unique specimens that have almost equally unique care instructions. Before you buy a caudex, it is important that you know how to look after it. Of course, we will be happy to help you with that. In this blog you will read exactly how to take care of these plant pearls.

Too bad, leaves gone

Rare amigos and amigos such as Stephania Erecta, Adenium “Ansu” Baobab or Phyllantus Mirabilis need different care than other houseplants. These tuberous plants are known to go through a cycle throughout the year. In the autumn, this plant actually goes into hibernation and the leaves die off. But if you follow these instructions carefully, the leaves will simply grow back in spring!

How much water should I give?

Make sure that the potting soil dries out completely between watering sessions. In the middle of spring and summer these caudex species deserve water once every fortnight. As soon as the leaves start to dry out towards autumn, you only need to give them a sip of water once a month. When you start seeing leaves again in the spring, you can start again with 1x per two weeks of watering.

Watch out! It is better to water these plants too little than too much. These caudex plants store water in their trunks, so they can manage with that reservoir for a while. Too much water will cause the roots to rot and then the rare indoor plant fun is over.


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